And that’s how it all began for me.

My story in the tattoo world began when I was 15 years old when the rebel style of rock bands caught my attention. I started taking drawing lessons and through this the love for art grew more and more. From that moment I realized that this is what I would like to do my whole life.

Over the years I discovered that the secret of a happy professional life is to work with what you like and I decided to start tattooing.

At first, I began drawing different designs taken from magazines and my friends let me train on them. I dedicated every moment to making that crazy idea become more and more solid and deep for me, little by little I started to know big names of the tattoo world in Brazil, developing my own style, always creating something new.

The love for tattoo’s and tattooing has become something deep and meaningful in my life and you can see my story in every line and painting, all over my entire body. You can read it on my arms, my legs, my shoulders and I leave a little bit of my story on every person who I tattoo.

What I like the most about the tattoo world is the act of protest against cultural or social repression. Tattoos give us the inspiration to be ourselves. If people are honest with themselves when they choose a tattoo, the art will represent them better than anything else.