The first time I came to Europe and visited Prague, I realized that this is the place where I would like to live forever; it would be a new start from my life in Brazil.

I chose Prague for the beauty of the city, the location of the country and especially for the beer!

The city is captivating but as an artist I still want to live and experience other countries. Knowing cultures and stories makes the life much more richer and interesting.

The universality of tattooing was a great aspect for me. It allows me to work everywhere I go and share my experiences with other artists that I meet along the journey. This attribute makes my work special and exciting because the tattoo language is universal and I always meet like-minded people who also inspire me. If you look back into the ages of time, far back into prehistoric times, we find human beings have painted and adorned themselves, that is amazing, and I hope I can experience and live in many places to continue learning more and more about this art.