About Thiago

Thiago is from São Paulo / Brazil and has owned multiple shops in the past. He has more than 12 years in the business and specializes in old school, colorful works, tribal, maori/polynesian, japanese sleeves and bodysuits, watercolor and new school but is a versatile artist who can work in a variety of styles.


Specializing traditional, Maori and Japanese tattooing

Today, traditional Japanese motifs, designs, and stylistic sensibilities remain popular sources of inspiration behind many contemporary tattoos. I try to combine the old with the new to create pieces that range from playful prints to delicate works of art. Many tattoos feature animals associated with strength, courage, and protection, like lions, tigers, and dragons. Koi fish are historically popular subjects, too, as they represent luck, success, and good fortune.  Both realistic and mythological figures are often featured in Japanese tattoos. Portraits of people rooted in realism include warriors and geishas, while folkloric figures include Tengu (ghosts) and Oni (demons or troll-like creatures). 


History and about Polynesian and Maori tattooing

Historically there was no writing in Polynesian culture so the Polynesian’s used tattoo art that was full of distinctive signs to express their identity and personality. Tattoos would indicate status in a hierarchical society as well as sexual maturity, genealogy and ones rank within the society. Nearly everyone in ancient Polynesian society was tattooed. In the past, the tattoos traditionally represented particular Maori tribes but for those of different heritage/ancestry. However, the tattoo can have a range of other legitimate meanings, such as your family, prosperity, travel, strength. The art of Maori tattoo was brought to New Zealand by the people of Eastern Polynesia in 1769, Captain James Cook. The word tattow itself was pegged as Cook’s adaptation of the native Tahitian word tautau. Captain Cook and Joseph Banks first saw the intricate tattoos of Maori tribesmen during their voyage to the South Pacific, and became fascinated and intrigued by it. I try to respect the tradition and the importance of having a unique tattoo for each person. Usually the strokes are made freehand and according to what the client wants for their life and their inspiration.



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